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Who are the Sharks

Welcome to the home of the Oregon Sharks Rugby Academy. The Oregon Sharks is a collection of athletes (18+) with roots across the globe including Africa, North America, Central America, Micronesia, and Polynesia but proud to call the greater Willamette Area home.

While the notion of people from diverse backgrounds working towards a greater good is a concept that helped shape our great nation, we believe the time has come to show the world that diversity is a concept with bite… and essential to our common welfare. Our goal is simple: to dominate the competition, show the world that diversity is power, and #ruckracism.

Mission Statement:

To provide opportunities to diversity through sport; to foster the values of inclusiveness and integrity in our club and communities; to help individuals develop healthy physical and mental lifestyle choices; and to promote athletic and professional development through rugby. 

Interested in joining?

Please email Alan Hopper ( and ask about our upcoming combine and skills challenge. We look forward to hearing from you!

Premier Side Sharks

The Premier side sharks will be traveling all over the U.S. this season. We are attending Alaska for the annual Midnight sun 7s in mid June and in mid august we will travel to Rugby town 7s in Glendale, CO. The club will also take a team to Dubai for the Dubai 7s in December of 2023 and South Africa for training and coaching throughout the season.

Premier side Sharks at Rugby Town 7s

Midnight Sun 7s

The Oregon Sharks took 1st in the Midnight Sun 7s tournament for 2022. They had an undefeated record and allowed 0 points against them. The Sharks will be back in 2023 (June 8th and 9th).

Rugby Town 7s

J. P. Aguirrer at Rugby Town 7s 2021. We will be back in Glendale soon!

J.P. Aguirrer at Rugby Town 7s

U23 Sharks

In 2023 the Oregon Sharks will begin the journey of having a U23 side. This will be the development side that takes players from high school and in-state Universities and gives them access to high recognition all over the country. Our goal is to build up each player both physically and mentally for an opportunity at different identification and development camps which can lead to domestic or international games. Our Academy has already sent 1 player to the U23 USA camp and over 6 players to sign MLR contracts. The U23 side will enter various tournaments in order to develop skills throughout the summer 7s series. 

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Contact us Alan Hopper

Oregon Sharks Rugby Academy

Phone: (503) 858-5569

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Oregon Sharks Rugby Academy

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